New Podcast: Rambam with the Rebbe

Thousands of explanations on Rambam are scattered throughout the Rebbe’s Torah. In an ambitious initiative, Rabbi Yossi Lipskier will offer a daily podcast rounding up these biurim, accompanied by a fully referenced source sheet.

By staff

During Dollars on 9 Nissan 5748, the Rebbe told Rabbi Dr. Yitzchok Hurwitz of YU: “Ich halt in ein tumlen vegen dem Rambam! – I’m constantly making a tumult about Rambam!” (Watch the full clip below.) 

There’s no question that the Rebbe had an extra special chavivus for the Rambam and his Mishneh Torah. Even before establishing the official takana of learning Rambam daily, the Rebbe devoted many sichos to clarifying difficult halachos in Rambam or highlighting the powerful lessons to be learned from them.

After Acharon Shel Pesach 5744, one can literally count on his fingers the times the Rebbe spoke publicly without mentioning the daily Rambam: Sichos, Farbrengens, Nshei Chabad conventions, children’s rallies. The Rambam of the day was always present.

Over the years, we were zoche to hundreds, if not thousands, of explanations on Rambam: full-fledged Sichos on entire halachos, short notes on an individual nuance, or references in passing packed with layers of meaning.

This cycle, for the first time ever, Rabbi Yossi Lipskier from Sherman Oaks, CA, seeks to bring everything together in a daily podcast, following the Rebbe’s flagship track of learning 3 prakim a day.

In 20-25 minutes, the listener will have a chance to see the daily Rambam through the Rebbe’s eyes. Anyone looking to probe further and learn more, can then consult the sources provided in the fully referenced source sheet.

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