New Nshei is Full of Surprises

By Nshei Chabad Newsletter

Get ready to meet Flora, the girl who didn’t sleep, who said:

“Some neighbors have zebras; some neighbors have no zebras.”

“Mommy, when we bake my birthday cake, will we be bakers? And then after that, will we be bakers forever?”

“Mommy, I never saw peacocks! They’re kind of my favorite. When will I see peacocks?”

Get ready to read Elchanan Geisinsky’s explanation of Social Security benefits and why delaying them may be the wisest and most profitable course of action.

Then slow down and (this cannot be rushed) read Rabbi Shais Taub’s story of a Jewish girl who entered a convent in order to study Christianity and convert (R”L) so she could marry a non-Jewish man. Reb Shimon Skernovitzer stood outside the convent for three days in a row. He could not enter the convent, but he also couldn’t leave a Jewish girl inside. I’m sorry, I can’t tell you what happened next.

Esther Etiquette deals with this question in a way that has important lessons for all Shviggers and Shvers:

Dear Esther,

My daughter is recently married and my son-in-law is a serious good-for-nothing. (I am not surprised after spending the wedding season with his unimpressive parents.) I am fed up with his childishness, irresponsibility and lack of care for his wife, my fabulous daughter. This guy won the lottery of wives; my daughter cooks and cleans for him, and pampers him in every way, while simultaneously being the sole breadwinner of their household. He says he is looking for a job, but waking up at 10 a.m., meeting friends for lunch (spending his wife’s hard-earned money!) and going out again at night with a glance at the Classifieds in between does not constitute “looking for a job.” I think an intervention is needed and I am looking for advice on how to speak to my daughter and her husband to help them see the dysfunctionality of their lives.

Signed, A Mom Who Is Far From Calm

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