New Mesivta Opens in Crown Heights

A new Mesivta will be opening בעזהי”ת this Elul in Crown Heights.

Mesivta Crown Heights, an extension of the highly acclaimed Mechina L’Mesivta, will offer a high level of learning in Nigleh and Chassidus together with a full immersive Chassidishe experience befitting Mesivta-age bochurim. 

Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Yosef Yitzchok Schmukler, formerly Rosh Kollel and Head of Semicha Program in Manhattan, will teach the talmidim on a Yeshiva level in both quantity and quality of learning. Rabbi Schmukler is a great lamdan, renowned for his unique ability to explain complex topics in a clear, easy-to-understand fashion. The Mashpia Rabbi Yaakov Klyne, who has successfully taught and connected with young bochurim for several years, will give Shiurim in Chassidus, Farbreng with the bochurim, and guide each bochur personally at this critical juncture in life. 

“The growth and expansion of Mechina L’Mesivta is an exciting milestone,” shares Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf, the Menahel. “After seeing the powerful impact that the Mechina year has had on many bochurim, we look forward to providing this unique experience for Shiur Alef bochurim as well. The talmidim are very fortunate to have such an outstanding faculty available to teach and guide them.”

Many parents feel that for bochurim of this young age, remaining at home is ideal, and they are grateful for this new local option. “The Rebbe wants bochurim to ‘koch in lernen’. Even today, surrounded by the distractions and nisyonos of our generation, this is possible,” says Rabbi Wolf. 

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