New Ma’amar Discovered After 59 Years

A manuscript of an unpublished Ma’amer from Erev Rosh Chodesh Iyar 5721, has recently been discovered and is being published for this Shabbos.

As part of the constant effort to make the Rebbe’s Torah accessible to all, rebbedrive is pleased to publish a new Ma’amar delivered by the Rebbe on Shabbos Parshas Shmini 5721, 59 years ago.

This Ma’amar has never been published previously and has been prepared from a recently discovered transcript, written by Rabbi Berel Lipsker. We deeply appreciate the dedication of the individuals who made its publication possible.

The Ma’amar is being published L’zchus all those in need of a Refuah Shleima, may they have a complete and speedy recovery.

Click here to download.

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