New from Kehos: English Translations for Pesach

The maamorim presented here explore the deeper dimensions of geulas Mitzrayim, and teach how one can experience the transition from slavery to freedom on a daily basis.

Delivered by the Rebbe on Yud Alef Nissan and Achron Shel Pesach, 5734 (1974), respectively, they build upon a fundamental theme in Chassidus.

More than just a geographical region, “Mitzrayim” represents any obstacle that limits our ability to be our real selves and reach our true potential. When we succeed and break free of our own limitations, we are liberated from our own Egypt, and experience our own Geulah.

For this sentiment to endure, we, too, must “pass through the sea on dry land,” which refers to bringing awareness of G-d even to areas where it had previously been concealed.

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