New Daily Radio Program for Chol Hamoed

“Torah World” radio program provides daily live shows for children throughout Chol Hamoed. Tune in each day 2:00-3:30 by calling 347-892-3500.

The program includes relevant-to-children life matters such as: Halacha during COVID19 (in an eidele child friendly fashion), Parsha brought to life, Nigunim and Rebbe stories. The best of Mechanchim brought to your home… from Rabbi JJ Hecht and Uncle Yossi Goldstein a”h, to Rabbi Moskowitz of Shazak, Rabbi Levi Goldstein (may he have a Refuah Shleima) and many more!

The program is a project of CHyeshiva initiative led by many mechanchim and spearheaded by Rabbi M.Yusewitz, Rabbi Mendy Karp and Rabbi Yossi Teleshevsky.

We do find ourselves in turbulent times where much of our children’s structure has been shaken. However, one extremely powerful reality has emerged – the Achdus of all Chinuch Mosdos of The Rebbe’s Shchuna Crown Heights.

At the early onset of this crisis, all leaders of CH schools got together to make joint decisions together with Rabonim and health professionals. This is where the CHyeshiva idea was conceived. Principals and teachers (of ALL the CH boys and girls mosdos!) joined forces to form and lead divisions, teach classes, help (with educational programs and activities) parents prepare forpessach.

The feedback was overwhelmimg, the benefit of the talmdim was great! on all levels. Following that success, it was noticed that a fringe but very vital need was met.

Amid this ordeal, boys and girls find themselves at home. The sounds and support stemming in the atmosphere of learning throughout the day is naturally lagging. With CHyeshiva, the Kol Torah rang through the home, the spirit and avir of limud enhanced for all siblings even while another age group slot.

“We are so excited to have this option and medium,” Rabbi Yusewitz shared. “Just this erev yom tov, it was so special to be able to hear personal yom tov greetings from many menahalim and menahalos to their students who called in to listen:

Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Wilhelm – Oholei Torah 8th grade
Rabbi Yehoshua Lustig – Oholei Torah Kitos 5-7
Rabbi Yoni Lefkowitz – Oholei Torah Kitos 5-7
Rabbi Chaim Meizlish – ULY Crown Street
Rabbi Shmuly Turk – ULY Ocean Parkway
Rabbi Yossi Overlander – Cheder Ohr Menachem

Mrs C Wolf of Bnos Menachem

It is our truest belief and powerful hope to be of the first to broadcast the coming of moshiach and the hisgalus of the Rebbe leading us all out of galus now!

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