New Daily Gemara Shiur in Crown Heights

By Avrohom Rotban

Would you like to learn through Shas..?

Would you like to cover ground on a daily basis learning a Daf a day?

Interested in a clear, concise daily Gemoroh Daf shiur?  

Interested in starting the day inspired and uplifted intellectually and spiritually?

So we are establishing a clear and concise daily daf shiur, starting with ח טבת , מסכת ברכות January 5th, by renowned magid shiur Rabbi Fishel Oster

Receive Daily Recording:

If you are interested, or for more info, as well if you would like to be added to receive the daily audio recording of the shiur via WhatsApp, please Text or Whatsapp Avrohom Rotban at 718.600.8211 or email at [email protected].

Please Note; The Daily Gemoroh Daf Shiur is not bound to follow and pace itself according to the Daf Yomi cycle. Rather the shiur will be paced based on the content learned, and based on the pace of the participants of shiur.
Also to keep the shiur flowing, we ask that questions be reserved for the end of the shiur. 

Shacharis minyan at 6:45 am around the corner by 770 Montgomery, 7 am by bais Levi Yitzchok corner Albany and crown.minyan after shiur at 8:35 am, same place as shiur.

There is also a Chassidus shiur as well by Rabbi Oster at 7:15-7:45 in the same place as Gemoroh shiur at 466 Albany Ave.

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