New Coronavirus Hotline and Isolation Support

Important information about the COVID hotline and isolation support from the Gedaliah Society, Dr. Rosen, CHJCC, and the Beis Din of Crown Heights:


There is a hotline, staffed by the amazing members of the Gedaliah Society, ready to answer COVID related questions for the local Crown Heights community.

The number is: 212-901-2000

We are hoping for a smooth rollout, and please be patient while we perfect it.

The hotline will address all COVID related questions.

Please be aware that if questions require medical expertise/urgency beyond the abilities of the hotline, we will send you to the appropriate resource.
Volunteer system: Isolating Together

Many members of our community have been asked to socially isolate, namely the elderly (>65), those with underlying health conditions, and those with symptoms (or recovering).

We are aware that daily needs, such as food, medicine, and other necessities, make isolation a challenge. We have a network of amazing volunteers, in coordination with Machon LeYahadus, ready to assist with these tasks, such as dropping off needed supplies at the door.

For those requiring assistance with these daily needs, please call the same hotline number:


Explain that you are calling seeking a volunteer to assist with isolation.

Your information will be taken down and you will be contacted.

If anyone reading this knows of someone elderly who may not see this information, please inform them of this service.

Again, please be patient as we rollout this system and attempt to make it a sustainable system.

Volunteers: We need you!!

If you can help and volunteer your services for this program, in whatever way you can, please click here.

We as a community need ALL the help we can get.
A tremendous thank you to the members of Hatzalah who have and continue to work tirelessly and with great sacrifice for the members of this community.

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