New Corona Cases in Israel’s Chabad Communities

Coronavirus cases are now on the rise in Chabad communities across Eretz Yisrael. Many Yeshivos and schools are being ordered to shut.

By reporter

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Eretz Yisrael continues to trend upwards, with nearly a thousand new cases reported over Shabbos.

Israel’s Health Ministry reported that 11,189 cases are now active, and the number of patients in serious condition increased by 50% in just the last week. 330 people have died due to the disease.

This morning the government announced new restrictions to stem the spread of the virus, including limiting Shuls and weddings to 50 participants, down from the 250 under the previous regulations.

Chabad communities in Israel are also seeing cases increase. The city of Kiryat Malachi reported 55 new cases in the last three days, a number of the new cases are from Nachlas Har Chabad.

The Chabad Talmud Torah, Chabad Girls’ School, and Mesivta in Nachlas Har Chabad have all been closed until further notice, due to active coronavirus cases in each of them. Students are all being required to isolate themselves.

Two new cases were reported in Kfar Chabad including an infant, bringing the total amount of active cases to 4.

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