New Collection of the Rebbe’s Answers From 5743

In honor of Chof Av, a new installment of ‘Likkut Maanos Kodesh,’ containing the Rebbe’s answers from 5743, has been published.

In honor of Chov Av, the yahrzeit of the Rebbes father, Harav Levi Yitzchok Schneerson, a new installment of ‘Likkut Maanos Kodesh’ has been released.

The new kovetz contains a collection of ma’anos the Rebbe from the year 5743 and also displays a number of facsimiles of the Rebbe’s original handwriting.

The Rebbe’s sichosma’amorim, letters and even diaries documenting the Rebbe’s schedule have been printed countless times in many different formats, yet these “ma’anos” remain largely unknown.

The ma’anos have been collected by going through tens of seforim and teshuros, and then by reaching out to many shluchim, askonim, and Anash from around the world who were zoche to receive answers from the Rebbe in those years.

To date, nine volumes from the years 5743-5752 have been published.

Click here to download the kovetz.

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