New Cheder Opening in Crown Heights

Rabbi Yehoshua Sherrf has founded Cheder Mamosh of Crown Heights, which aims to provide a personalized, warm environment with small class sizes.

Are you looking for a cheder where your son can learn Torah in a personalized environment that will instill yiras shomayim and chassidishe chayus? Cheder Mamosh (or The Cheder) of Crown Heights may be the yeshiva for your child.

The Cheder’s multi-age concept is one of integrating learning levels so that children can progress at their own pace. The school will be starting with a combined pre 1A and first grade, instructed by a kriah teacher with specialized training and certification in this subject, to ensure children enter the next grade level with their maximal capability of reading Lashon Hakodesh.

This is the most important skill at this stage of learning so that boys can fully participate in Chumash, davening and learning in general. With a thorough grounding of kriah, a child can fully focus their energy on the learning itself.

Davening will be done with lots of singing and simcha. Yomei depagra will be highlighted with farbrengens, chassidishe nigunim and stories. Art projects will be incorporated to foster creativity and enhance kinesthetic learning.

The lead teacher will be Rabbi Yehoshua Sherrf. Formerly of Lamplighters Yeshivah and with six years of teaching experience, Rabbi Sherrf is devoted to instilling in every child a love of learning Al Taharas Hakodesh and a joy in being the Rebbe’s Chossid.

An English language program will be available as an optional subject after school. In an age where Yiddish is not spoken in many homes, English can be used as a way to facilitate learning in Yiddishkeit. The ability to taitch to a language children are familiar with, will empower them to express themselves in Kodesh subjects, as well as engender a love of reading. This is an additional tool for families who wish to avail themselves of this service.

Now more than ever, children need learning and care that keeps them interested and inspired. For more information please visit or email Rabbi Sherrf directly at [email protected]

The school is raising $30,000 to fund necessary supplies and give two children completely free tuition. Click here to donate.

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