New Chassidus Shiur at Nosson’s Shul

A new early morning Chassidus shiur taught by Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm began this week in Crown Heights.

One of the greatest challenges to finding a shiur can be the timing. For those leaving to work early in the morning, the challenge is only greater.

Seeing the need, Nosson’s Shul stepped in to provide a quality Chassidus shiur at a time convenient for working men. Given by renowned maggid shiur and author Rabbi Zushe Wilhelm, the shiur takes place Monday to Thursday at 6:30 A.M. Fresh coffee and cake welcome all the participants.

Following the shiur is shacharis at 7:15, averting the need to change locations to daven, and fulfilling the Shulchan Aruch’s directive to daven in the place one learns Torah.

The shiur currently learns the Rebbe’s maamarim, in preparation for Yud Shvat. All are encouraged to join and strengthen the bond with our Rebbe by learning his Torah.

Watch a video of today’s shiur:

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