New Chassidus Magazine Published


A new magazine has recently been established in Eretz Yisroel to further hafotzas hama’ayonos. The bi-weekly, full color magazine, called Ki-Karov, is printed in 13,000 copies, and it is widely circulated in chassidish, litvish and Chabad communities.

Published by Rabbi Moshe Shilat of Torat Chabad, and created by Binyomin Lipkin, the magazine contains regular columns by mashpiyim, shluchim and lecturers, as well as reports of Chabad events and pe’ulos.

Columns include:

Editorial – by Binyomin Lipkin.

Aspaklaria – a chassidic thought adapted from Reb Yoel Kahan.

Answers from the Rebbe – copies of answers the Rebbe wrote to questions posed.

The Alter Rebbe’s on the Parsha – by Rabbi Zalman Glick.

A Chassidishe Farbrengen – a farbrengen with a noted mashpia.

Ir Miklat – episodes from the Chabad House of Rabbi Nechemia Wilhelm in Bangkok, Thailand.

Words from the Heart – a talk with a Lubavitch personality.

Seforim Review – By Rabbi Yitzchok Kaplan

News from around the world of Chabad.

This week’s edition:

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