New Boys Overnight Camp to Open in Georgia

Due to the unexpected demand for overnight camps out of the New York area, a new overnight camp for boys directed by Rabbi Zalmen Shimon Itkin will open this summer on beautiful campgrounds in Clayton, Georgia.

By reporter

A new overnight camp will open this summer in Clayton, Georgia, for boys completing the 5th, 6th, & 7th grades, with specialized activities for the Bar Mitzvah Division.

The directors announced the opening on Friday, saying it came due to “overwhelming interest and demand,” after flagship Chabad camps in Montreal were forced to announce their closure, and New York remains in a limbo.

The camp will be located on beautiful, scenic campgrounds in Clayton, Georgia, the grounds feature many on-site amenities including two lakes, a swimming pool, indoor and outdoor gyms, water sports, laser tag, and ziplining.

Directing the camp will be Rabbi Zalmen Shimon Itkin who spent multiple years in CGI Montreal and YSP as head staff, and is currently program director of LEC Middle School and teacher of the 7th grade. Head staff will be Dovid Geisinsky, Yankel Oster and Muleh Itkin.

“We have conferred with the Health Officials in Georgia, as well as Rabbonim and doctors, to create a clear guideline of our health protocols which will be available in the coming days,” the Vaad of the camp told

The camp will have a single session beginning Tuesday, Tes Vov Tammuz/July 7th, and end on Monday, Chof Zayin Av, August 17th. Registration opens 4 PM on Monday, Chof Gimmel Sivan.

“Machaneh Tzeirei Chassidim is geared for boys looking to spend their summer months in a Chassidishe & fun atmosphere,” directors told “The past 2 months were filled with extensive planning to ensure the best experience both b’ruchnius and b’gashmius.”

Registration opens 4 PM on Monday, Chof Gimmel Sivan.
An email will be sent out with the necessary information to apply.
Space is limited.

For staff inquiries, please email [email protected].
For questions, please email [email protected].

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