New Booklet Adds Twist to Purim Learning

JLI’s new Purim edition of Sparks of Wisdom, draws select quotes from Torah and Chasidus on the topic of Purim to ignite thought-provoking discussion questions.

The Purim edition of Sparks of Wisdom, JLI’s social learning tool, will be studied by people of all ages in hundreds of communities in preparation for Purim. The full-color booklet draws select quotes from Torah and Chasidus on the topic of Purim to ignite thought-provoking discussion questions.

Purim events can present a challenge to shluchim, sometimes resembling a party more than a spiritual experience. Rabbi Ahrele Loschak of Chabad Young Professionals of Prospect Heights, however, plans to stimulate a more meaningful encounter with the help of Sparks of Wisdom. Amid the revelry at his Chanukah celebration this past winter, he pulled out the booklet and sat down with just one of the young businessmen in attendance. Soon, every seat at the table was occupied, and a spirited discussion of Torah ideas became the center of the action.

Shluchim who serve all sectors of the community find applications for Sparks of Wisdom. From Campus Chabad Houses to Chabad Community Centers, Chabad girls’ schools to CTeen chapters, Sparks of Wisdom has gained significant popularity as an engaging tool for formal and informal learning.

Many shluchim will be including the booklets in their mishloach manos to provide some added “sparkle,” depth, and meaning to the food gifts.

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