New Bnei Brak Rabbonim Joint Kashrus Tour

In a scene which many thought unimaginable just a few years ago, and just several days after Rabbi Landa finishing shiva, the new rabbonim of Bnei Brak, Rabbi Eizik Landa, and Rabbi Shevach Rosenblatt were hard at work inspecting facilities that are under their new, joint supervision.

For Rabbi Landa, the job is technically a continuation of what he had been doing the last two years or so. With the late Rabbi Moshe Landa taking ill and finding it difficult to travel, Rabbi Eizik Landa was called back from his faculty position in Yeshiva Chasidiei Lubavitch in Tzfas and was “unofficially” heading the Kashrus division of the Bnei Brak Rabbinate.

The “Landa hechsher” is second to none, with the rules often quite strict, such as closing times for restaurants and other food establishments, but you know that the reliability is unparalleled. The new stamp has been updated to show that. It shows both of the Rabbonim’s names, but the hechsher is still a “Landa” one. Rabbi Rosenblatt had previously headed the “She’eris Yisroel” kashrus organization, which identified with the Litvishe Degel HaTorah party.

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