New App Brings Jewish Practice Into the 21st Century

The Azoi App is designed to make Practical Judaism just that- practical. It is expected to be a game-changer for Shluchim and anyone who goes on Mivtzoim.

No more Oy, just Azoi.

Brooklyn NY- Azoi Inc. today launched its new Azoi app, designed to make Practical Judaism just that- practical. Azoi will be a game-changer for Shluchim and anyone who goes on Mivtzoim.

You put on Tefillin with someone in a mall or on the plane. They tell you they’d love to daven each morning. You know someone who is keen to engage with their Yiddishkeit and you just wish there was a resource they could use to help them navigate through the process of adding a mitzvah at a time. We’re all busy, and we don’t manage to give people as much time for these things as we’d like.

Enter Azoi.

Azoi offers people the opportunity to search for easy-to-read, illustrated guides on everything from donning Tefillin to being called to the Torah to lighting Shabbat candles to mourning a loved one.

Each guide starts with a brief introduction about the specific mitzvah, takes you through the relevant steps you’ll need to actually follow the practice, and rounds it off with hyperlinks for further reading and insight.

Guides are presented in a clear, friendly and encouraging style. Azoi provides quick definitions for terms that people may find unfamiliar. The app is meant to be a revolutionary tool to demystify Jewish practice and make it accessible to the average Jewish person.

Each time you open the app, it recommends new guides that would be helpful at that time of the day or at that time on the calendar. Over the coming year, Azoi aims to double the close to 100 guides currently available on the app.

Beta users and early adopters are already raving about the app.

“Azoi makes Judaism clear simple and enjoyable. It’s perfect for any Jew, no matter what their level of knowledge or observance is” said Jodine from Melbourne.

Future plans see the app becoming available in other languages too.
The Azoi app is free and ad-free on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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