Netanyahu Wins Israeli Elections

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Israel’s exit polls are showing a huge gain for Bibi Netanyahu’s Likud party with 3-5 seats over the next biggest party. However, he may not have enough seats to form a government.  


According to all of the exit polls released in Israel at the end of yet another election day in Israel, Bibi Netanyahu‘s Likud party has significantly increased its strength and numbers 36-37 mandates, while Beny Gantz‘s Blue-And-White numbers some 32-33 mandates.

The Joint Arab List increased to 14-15 mandates and established itself as the third-largest party. Shas and Aguda maintained their seats from the previous election- 9 and 8 respectively- and the Yemina party headed by Naftali Bennett has 6-7 seats. The left-wing Democratic Alliance has just 6 seats and Avigdor Liberman’s Yisrael Beitenu has 6-8 seats in the various polls.

All of the polls maintain that the right-wing parties have 60 seats, which was the same number they received in the April 2019 election when they failed to form a government.

However it should be noted that the exit polls usually do not fully measure the right-wing, which gains from the real results and from the votes of the soldiers which are counted afterward. It is therefore quite plausible that Binyamin Netanyahu, whose trial on charges of bribery and breach of trust commences on March 17, will have the necessary majority to form a government and prevent a fourth election.

Exit Polls:


Right 60
Likud 37, Blue & white 33, Arab Joint List 14, Shas 9, Yamina 7, Yahadut Hatorah 7, Labor 7, Lieberman 6

Likud 37, Blue & White 32, Arab Joint List 14, Shas 9, Yahadut Hatorah 8, Lieberman 8, Labor 6, Yamina 6

Right-wing 60
Likud 36, Blue & White 33, Arab Joint List 15, Meretz 6, Shas 9, Yahadut Hatorah 8, Yamina 7, Lieberman 6

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