Netanyahu, Gantz Agree on Unity Government

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and MK Benny Gantz signed an agreement to form a unity government Monday evening, ending the deadlock which caused three elections in one year.

After three elections and 17 months of election campaigns and coalition negotiations, Likud and Blue and White announced Monday evening that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Knesset Speaker Benny Gantz have signed a deal for the establishment of a new government. 

The signing on the agreement came shortly after Blue and White and Likud issued a joint statement revealing that Gantz and Netanyahu will be meeting at the prime minister’s residence.

Netanyahu and Gantz already met earlier on Monday and after a 90-minute meeting at the prime minister’s residence in Jerusalem, no unity agreement was made.

A source involved in the negotiations between the two parties said early Monday morning that an agreement could be signed and that the negotiation teams spoke throughout the night and arrived to an agreement concerning the prime ministerial rotation between Gantz and Netanyahu.

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