Music Greats Collaborate to Release ‘Chabad 4’

Some of the biggest names in Jewish music worked together to produce the new album “Chabad 4”, with arrangments by Moshe Laufer and vocals by Yossi Green and Yiddish Nachas choir.

It seems like there is no Chassidus that produced as many albums of niggunim as Lubavitch did. Still, the new album ‘Chabad 4’ is an album unique to the Jewish music scene.

The choice of nigunim, the orchestra arranged by Moshe Laufer, the vocal arrangement by Yossi Green, and the singers, including Yiddish Nachas choir, blend together by Levik Toubul to create an extraordinary masterpiece.

The collaboration of Yossi Green and Moshe Laufer was born decades ago, the results of which are well known to us all through Avraham Fried’s albums. When the team is joined by the most professional Jewish choir on the market today – the result is no less than perfect.

The album is the fourth in the Chabad series produced by Moshe Laufer. The previous three gained wide popularity, and the 4th one is sure to fast become a favorite by all who enjoy genuine Jewish music.

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