Mrs. Miriam Popack, 95, AH

Mrs. Miriam Popack a long-time resident of Crown Heights and wife of R’ Shmuel Isaac Popack, A”H passed away Friday morning Hey Shevat.

Miriam was born on Rosh Chodesh Kislev 1925 in New York to her parents Rabbi Tzvi Hirsh and Chana Altein. She attended Beis Yaakov and was a student in one of its first classes.

In 1945 she married her husband R’ Shmuel Isaac Popack. The Frierdiker Rebbe played an important role in the shidduch, even sending her father a letter asking him to convince her to marry a Tomim.

She is survived her children Mrs. Chana Piekarski of Crown Heights; Shliach Rabbi Yisroel Meir Popack of Denver, Colorado; Yossi Popack of the Five Towns in NY; Mrs. Toby Hendel of Migdal Haemek, Israel; Mrs. Chaya Rivka Feldman of Crown Heights and Mrs. Zeesy Raskin of Vermont. She is also survived by grandchildren, great-grandchildren and a great, great-grandson, many of whom are the Rebbe’s Shluchim in many cities across the globe.

She was pre-deceased by her siblings, Sara Devorah Kaplan, Malden MA; Rabbi Mordechai Dov Altein, Bronx/Israel/Crown Heights; Rabbi Yisroel Altein, Pittsburgh, PA.

The levaya will take place today, Friday, leaving Shmorei Hadas at 12:30 pm and passing by 770 at 1 pm.

Shiva will be at 1280 President Street.

Baruch dayan haemes.

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