Mothers and Daughters to Bond at Home

Social distancing may be the thing but that doesn’t mean we can’t connect. Join us tonight, Wednesday, 7-8 pm, as we increase in achdus and Torah study at Imos Ubanos Home Edition.

That’s right, grab a snack from your secret shalach manos stash and join women and girls as we learn the material provided. Hard copies and snacks are also available for pick-up at 1650 Carroll Street. Call 718-778-6712 to arrange a pick-up time.

Respond to this email and we will record your name on the Imos Ubanos attendance sheet. Send a selfie of you and your girls learning for entry into a prize raffle (prizes to be delivered to your home).

Participation in 4 of the 6 monthly classes earns entry into an end-of-the-season Imos Ubanos BBQ event after Pesach iy”h.

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