Moshe Holtzberg Celebrates at MetLife Stadium

Photo: Meir Donel

Surrounded by his friend and boys his age, Moishy Holtzberg got another bar mitzva celebration, this one at the 82,500 seat MetLife stadium.

By reporter

Surrounded by classmates and boys his age, Moishy Holtzberg, surviving son of Gavi and Rivki hy”d got another bar mitzva celebration, this time at the MetLife Stadium in New Jersey.

Moishy, who traveled to New York together with other Bar Mitzva aged boys as part of the ‘Panasoim’ program, was talking to Mr. Aizik Lider, the generous sponsor of his Bar Mitzva. Off handily, he mentioned that he enjoyed the celebration very much but he wished there had been more dancing.

Immediately, the donor arranged for the 82,500 seat stadium to be made available for another Bar Mitzva celebration.

The celebration was attended by Moishy’s friends who were all treated to a lavish Bar Mitzva dinner. Renowned lecturer Rabbi YY Jacobson addressed the Bar Mitzva, and singer Berry Weber enlivened the event with his singing .

This time there was much dancing.

Photos: Meir Donel

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