More Good News as Newly Released Patients Return Home

Baruch Hashem, we continue to receive news of members of the global anash community returning home from the hospital. Please keep them in your tefilos as they continue on the road to recovery.

By staff is delighted to share more besuros tovos: Baruch Hashem, we are continuing to see members of the global anash community return home from the hospitals where they were fighting COVID-19.

Here are more names of recently released COVID-19 patients who are back home with their families. Most are still on the road to recovery; please continue to say tehillim for them and all cholei yisroel.

Shmuel Halevi ben Chava

Zvi Yehuda ben Rivka

Elazar Chanoch Yechezkiel ben Zahava

Yitzchok Hakohen ben Rivkah Roza

Mariashe bas Sarah Ita

Yitzchok Meir ben Leah Naomi

Levi Yitzchok ben Devorah

Shmuel Litman ben Chaya Tzirlea

Please share your good news with us! May we hear only besuros tovos from this point on.

As we thank Hashem for the good news, please remember that the situation is still serious and continue to practice social distancing to help our families and communities stay safe.

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