Monsey and Toronto Mesivtas Camp Together in Pennsylvania

Solid learning and exciting activities fill the days of 50 bochurim from Monsey’s Mesivta Lubavitch and Toronto’s Ohr Temimim, who are uniting in a joint Yeshivas Kayitz summer program.

By reporter
Photos by Mendy Pels

After their initial plans fell through, Mesivta Lubavitch Monsey and Ohr Temimim joined forces to create a unique Yeshivas Kayitz in the grassy hills of Somerset, PA.

The fifty bochurim are utilizing the picturesque atmosphere to learn, daven and farbreng in a more relaxed setting. The camp site also boasts many unique amenities which they are taking full advantage of, such as horse-riding, mountain boarding and much more.

Rabbi Eliezer Posner, menahel of Ohr Temimim and director of the camp told that the bochurim are thoroughly enjoying the summer.

“After three months of being home, being in a yeshiva environment is really so refreshing,” he said.

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