Mivtzoim Duch Made Simple

A project of Lubavitch Youth Organization

As is well known, the Rebbe always encouraged chassidim to write in with reports on activities they have been doing. Many letters from the Rebbe begin with a thank you for a detailed report, or a request for one. Now, the Mivtzoim Network has made that easier.

All you need to do is text DUCH to 347-848-1515, and you will be instructed to send in your name and mother’s name. Once this has been done, you will receive a weekly reminder on Friday afternoon to send in that week’s duch which will then be sent to the Rebbe’s Ohel.

The Mivtzoyim Network is also working on a project to help bochurim start new routes in areas where there are none.

Rabbi Kasriel Kastel, program director of the Lubavitch Youth Organization finds that the Mivtzoim Network is a great way to connect businessmen with bochurim who go on mivtzoim in their area.

This past year, many anash and bochurim who have met Yidden throughout New York City have passed on their contact information to the Mivtzoim Network, which resulted in these Yidden being added to the routes in their area.

Ever met a Yid in New York City who can benefit from a mivtzoim visit? Text the Mivtzoim Network at 347-848-1515. You can also add your name to the growing database of routes by text JOIN to the same number.

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