Mivtza Matza Continues, With Slight Variation

Every year before Pesach, chassidim worldwide hand out thousands of pounds of Matzos to those who might not have. This year too, despite all, Mivtza Matza continues, with only a few small changes.

By Anash.org reporter

Every year before Pesach, chassidim worldwide visit friends and acquaintances, and even stand on street corners, handing out handmade Shmura Matza in keeping with the Rebbe‘s call to make sure every Yid has the highest quality matza, at least for the Seder.

This year, the need is only greater. With travel restrictions and laws preventing large gatherings, many who usually go to family for the Seder are planning on making it themselves, or are canceling seder plans altogether.

However, to bring matza in person is virtually impossible. Full cities on lockdown and tens of thousands in quarantine country-wide. How can we fulfill the Rebbe’s directive?

To solve the issue, Lubavitch Youth Organization, under the leadership of Rabbi Shmuel Butman, has arranged for a virtual Mivtah Matza. One can order a k’zayis of matza, 3 matzos or a pound of matza online and have it sent to any address in the USA.

The service will ship the matza for you with USPS Priority mail to assure that the matzos arrive whole and on time. A letter will be included, addressed to the recipient and with the sender’s name, together with some important details about the seder and Pesach.

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