Mitzvah Tankists Shoot for 70

Manhattan on a Friday afternoon: a flashy mitzvah tank pulls up at the corner of Park Ave and East 53rd, and a band of bochurim spills out, eager to lay tefillin on passersby. At 10 years and going strong, the tankists have rolled up sleeves with thousands.

Friday of parshas Vaeira found a smaller group of bochurim operating the tank, but they wouldn’t let the deficit in manpower slow them down – it just fueled them to work harder! Instead of the usual 20 or so wraps, the team managed to reach 30.

This past Friday, the tank entered a different league. With Yud Shvat shivim shana fast approaching and stepping up the energy level, the tankists aimed for a whopping 70 and beat it with an incredible 76 tefillins!

“We came with more bochurim than usual,” enthused Mendel Spritzer, on a total high from the accomplishment. “And we got 76! It’s shivim shana – we gotta make it BIG, people!”

The tankists wrapped up the afternoon with a celebratory dance.

You can actually boost mivtzoim by simply rating the tank and helping to turn it into a location that will show up in ‘New York attraction’ Google searches.

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Menachem’s Tank runs l’ilui nishmas Menachem Brochshtat A”H, who had a tremendous passion for mivtzoim.

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