Mitzvah Society Launches New Website

Five short months ago, Merkos 302 launched the Mitzvah Society pilot program with the mission of reaching every single Jew. Now, they are taking the next step and launching a website and new programs.

A shliach is always asking himself, “How many Jews are there in my area? How many Jews do I reach!? I’m only one person, and there are only so many hours in the day. Who will make sure that Betty, the lonely Holocaust survivor has someone to speak to while she is quarantining at home? Who will make sure that Sammy, the only Jewish kid in the local public School, will have Matzah for Pesach? That David, a lawyer who just opened his own firm will have a Mezuzah for his office door?”

Five short months ago Merkos 302 launched the Mitzvah Society pilot program with the mission and goal of reaching every single Jew. Thanks to Mitzvah Society, Shluchim can now be sure that they will be able to impact every Jew in a true and meaningful way.

“We have been pleasantly surprised at how quickly and how much Mitzvah Society has grown in such a short period of time,” says the director of Mitzvah Society, Rabbi Mendy Cetlin.

Since its inception, Mitzvah Society has launched a variety of programs. During the height of the Coronavirus lockdown, with much of the world under stay at home orders, Mitzvah Society partnered with JLI & JNET to launch “If You Know Aleph, Teach Aleph.” This incredible program allows community members to network and partner to learn with other Jews whom a Shliach may not have known or been able to reach on his own.

Mitzvah Society proudly joined numerous other Chabad institutions on Gimmel Tammuz for a program called “A Day For The Rebbe” which was enjoyed around the world. Their segment of the program featured top speakers and focused on the tremendous impact of Jewish Leadership. The full recording can be seen here:

Mitzvah Society has already launched 6 campaigns promoting specific mitzvos, varying from the “Shabbos Experience” to the “Seder Experience”.  In the words of Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, vice chairman Merkos 302, “It was amazing to hear that more than 60 communities got involved in Mitzvah Society for Pesach & over 3,000 matzas were distributed!

Mitzvah Society is now taking it to the next level with the launch of their new website With just a click of a button, a Shliach can now register his community to join the Mitzvah Society.

Community members can sign up to become ambassadors. “Each ambassador will inspire others, whether with a DIY Shabbos kit or simply a friendly call to another Yid to check in,” says Rabbi Mendy Kotlarsky.

Shluchim who register their communities will gain access to unique resources and exclusive product pricing. There will be leadership seminars offered to ambassadors to encourage them in their essential role in the spread of Judaisim and love for every single Jew.

In the words of Rabbi Sholom Lipsker, Shliach to Bal Harbor, Florida, “They became not my congregants, or supporters if you will, but they became my partners, literally. They felt as passionate as I did.” 

Mitzvah Society is also excited to announce their latest Mitzvah campaign for the month Elul, “Project Protect.” 

During these uncertain times, having a Mezuza on the door is sure to offer extra security and protection to those inside the home. Mitzvah Society is proud to enable Shluchim to help their lay leaders inspire others to put up new Mezuzos and to get their old Mezuzos checked. Additionally, this initiative will be cosponsored, making this special protection available to every single Jew, regardless of his financial position.

Mitzvah Society has seen great success since its establishment just a short few months ago. It is now looking forward to broadening it’s horizons and welcoming in more communities and ambassadors. For more  information or Email [email protected]

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