Miracles in Our Lives?

Do you ever find yourself buckling under an insurmountable load of pressure? Perhaps another shidduch let down, an unsettled argument at work, an overflowing kitchen sink or a sudden sickness scare.

Our world can seem gloomy and bleak; it’s easy to fall into seemingly endless whirl of darkness and despair. Where are the earth shattering miracles as grand as the splitting of the roaring red sea or as great as the minute army that overpowered the mighty warriors?

Sometimes it is the most routine that is the hardest to recognize as a miracle.

Despite numerous challenges, Mrs. Vivi Deren, looks for the positive in life. She will share an eye opening perspective on how to zoom in and find miracles through the struggles of our day to day life.

Please join Junior N’Shei on Monday, 16 Teves- Jan 13 at 8:00 at 1354 Carroll St. Couvert is $5, refreshments will be served.

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