Mingle Among Chassidim

A Moment with the Rebbe: When Reb Mottel Altein was experiencing heart pains, the Rebbe offered an alternative method of healing.

Reb Mottel Altein a”h, a devoted shliachrov, and educator in the Bronx, NY, was suffering from severe heart pains.

The Rebbe had just officially accepted the nesius, and so after consulting the appropriate doctors, he turned to the Rebbe for a bracha.

In a 7 Adar II letter, the Rebbe responded that he should follow the doctor’s advice, and offered some of his own guidance, “You should mingle more amongst Chassidim.”

The Rebbe explained the reasoning: “The Zohar states that the heart senses one’s anxieties. Your heart is pained by your lack of spending time with Chassidim; it intensely feels the deficiency.”

(Schurder Teshurah, Adar 5767)

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