Training Event for Kallah Teachers

On Tuesday, held a day of continuing education for their certified taharas hamishpacha instructors.

Two years ago, instituted a comprehensive Kallah Teachers Training Course to ensure that every kallah would be able to learn from the best. Under the direct leadership and guidance of Harav Sholom Ber Chaiken of Cleveland, OH, over 35 women trained intensively for a full year.

In an effort to maintain a gold standard in educating kallahs and serving as first responders for years after the wedding, sporadically hosts required training events for its certified instructors.

The recent day of learning began with a Q & A session with HaRav Chaikin and HaRav Yosef Shusterman of Beverly Hills, CA. The Rabbanim addressed questions submitted by the teachers that have arisen during their past year of teaching. The answers provided greater clarity for the teachers, empowering them to be even clearer on the valuable halachos they impart to every kallah.

The panel was followed by a session with HaRav Chaikin on Reishis Chochmah, which contains beautiful concepts that the Rebbe encouraged every chosson to study before marriage.

Following lunch, an enlightening talk was given by Rabbi Dovid Bartfeld of on health situations that have halachic ramifications, and ways to address them.

The style of a kallah’s gown, the color of the flowers, and the table settings at the wedding reception certainly enhance and lend elegance to the occasion. Of far greater importance, however, are the values pertaining to building a Jewish home on the basis of Torah and Mitzvos.

With this in mind, kallah classes should be a top priority when planning a wedding. We encourage you to visit to select from a list of teachers around the world. These teachers are committed to teaching kallahs before the wedding, as well as being available after to help with any issues that may arise.

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