Miami Families Relive Lamplighter Moments

A special video presentation called “My Lamplighter Moment” was screened at Lubavitch Educational Center of Miami’s family melava malka.

By reporter

Lubavitch Educational Center of Miami, Florida held its annual Family Melava Malka, bringing together hundreds of boys along with fathers, grandfathers and uncles on Tes and Yud Kislev.

The evening began with in-depth learning. Those present witnessed an incredible scene: hundreds of boys of all ages, learning together, unified in their wish to understand what it means to be a lamplighter.

The program continued with a melava malka meal while the crowd enjoyed a video presentation called “My Lamplighter Moment“. The presentation included firsthand accounts of lives which were changed and neshamos lit up by a simple gesture from one yid to another. The video illustrated the idea that every single individual has the ability to be a lamplighter at any given moment.

During the event, the boys heard from Florida head shliach Rabbi Avraham Korf and as his son Rabbi Benjy Korf, who serves as the executive director of Lubavitch Educational Center. 

The crowd then enjoyed a thrilling fire, complete with juggling and maneuvering of the lights into remarkable arrangements – literally lighting up the room! 

LEC would like to thank event coordinators Rabbi Chaim Schechter, Rabbi Zalmen Shimon Itkin, Mrs. Esti Boaz, and Mrs. Devorah Leah Evers for creating this unforgettable event.

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Video presentation “My Lamplighter Moment” was screened at the event.
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Highlights of LEC’s family melava malka

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