Miami Families Enjoy Drive-By Fun Day

Despite coronavirus, or perhaps precisely because of it, Rabbi Benzion Korf, dean of Lubavitch Educational Center in Miami, FL, was determined to arrange a Lag B’Omer experience that would pale in comparison to even last years.

A zoom parade?

A google hangout game show?

Live cooking demo on smores?

These were all potential ideas under consideration at Lubavitch Educational Center in Miami, FL, for how to bring Lag Baomer to life, in a Corona 2020 world.

But then came the mandate – one which everyone agreed would be a game-changer. The dean of the Lubavitch Educational Center, Rabbi Benzion Korf wanted each of the 1,670 students K”ah, to have an experience that would pale in comparison to even last years.

How? What? When? Where? With social distancing? Funding in today’s recession?

Yes We Can, and Yes We will! was the reaction.

An in-person, live, engaging, entertaining, and meaningful drive through the fun day was put into motion that was sure to bring nachas to our Rebbe and the Neshama of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai.

The planning began with security teams, logistical teams, creative teams meeting via zoom through all hours over many nights to ensure the well over 400 families and vehicles had an experience like no other.

The day arrived, and a treat was waiting!

The parade began with a drive-by stunt-filled BMX bike show. As children watched in delight, LEC’s (masked) physical education coaching staff waved to students while distributing Lag Baomer treat boxes for families to enjoy during the show.

It was then off to be wowed by world-famous BELLO KNOCK in his death-defying tricks well over 30 feet in the air. A never-ending stream of clowns, jugglers, bicyclists, and stilt performers met each vehicle. Our first responders and Hatzalah volunteers were represented with a fire truck that bellowed its siren and sprayed many cars.

Just past the next bend, the caravan of over 2,000 people was met with a sanitary Tzedaka Toss and a full-blown musical concert with a live performance by Shuky Sadon and Choni Teitelbaum.

If that weren’t enough, LED Video trucks placed strategically around the facility were playing the parade by the Rebbe interspersed with Pesukim said by our own Lubavitch Educational Center families.

A special treat awaited students at different turns as principals, teachers, and maintenance staff stood far apart from one another (over the 2-acre property) waving to children and families alike – which to many students was an absolute delight. The message of the program was easy to perceive – “there will be a brighter tomorrow, and it started with today.”

“A special thank you goes to the many Principals, Program Directors, Security and Logistical teams, Office staff, and over 20 Volunteers” organizers said.

“May the Simcha that was enjoyed be poreitz the gedorim Klal Yisroel and humanity so desperately need.”

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