Miami Camp Hotspot for Chassidishe Fun

With a shortage of overnight camp options, Rabbi Ovadya and Sara Rogalsky created a day camp for Miami girls with an overnight environment.

Having spent many summers in a camp environment, Rabbi Ovadya and Sara Rogalsky have seen the deep impression that a positive camp experience can have on the mind and heart of a young child. With years of leading various camps, Day Camp Miami has turned a long time dream into reality.

Three weeks prior to the start of the summer, it was clear that there would be a shortage of camp options for grades 4-7. With the Rebbe’s brachos, the Rogalsky’s jumped in to fill this void, and Day Camp Miami was born.
Due to the overwhelming interest and overload of applicants, the max of acceptances doubled in size, catering to the Chabad families from all over South Florida.

The goal of DCM was to create ‘an overnight camp’ environment within the day camp structure. As one mother shared, “My daughter loved camp! She really enjoyed going and raved about it every single day. We drove half hour every day and it was so worth it! She loved that it was more of an overnight camp vibe and loved the singing/bonfire style activity. Thank you for giving her a summer with friends and activities especially during this crazy time!”

Toichendik cheers, Tzivos Hashem learning, kumzitzs, and weekly late night BBQs for each bunk, created a warmth and unity among campers and staff.

The Rogalsky’s vision for this summer program was to provide a positive, personalized, and fun-filled experience, fostering a warm and chassidishe environment that promotes personal growth. Day Camp Miami incorporated stimulating activities, with the timeless values of Yiddishkeit as their focal point.

While Florida may be a hotspot for corona, Day Camp Miami was a hotspot for Chassidishe fun! In line with the CDC state regulations, camp was packed with fun to the max; incorporating weekly trips, skill based electives, swimming, theme days, and other permitted activities.

The Rebbe shared at a Tzivos Hashem rally specific middos to be learnt from each of the Avos and Imahos. Shiur classes integrated these ideas in a fun and interactive manner, to which many campers shared to be the highlight of their day.

The girls partook in a grand Chidon on information such as the 5 brachos of Moshiach, Chabad minhagim outlining a Chossid day, important dates of the Rabbeims life and foundational concepts of Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit. The Chidon winner, Raizel Schwartz, earned an exclusive plane ride that flew along the Miami coast, during which she had the opportunity to co-fly the plane herself!

When asking for feedback throughout the week, campers would always respond, “It’s mamash amazing!” One parent shared, “It was super fun, chasidishe, organized etc. Thank you for making our summer so great!!!” Another shared, “Kids had a blast! Wish it was longer!”

On behalf of all involved, we would like to extend a thank you to Mr. Gideon Gratziani for helping make Day Camp Miami a reality.

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