Urgent Message From Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin

With two hours left to register to donate plasma, Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin is calling to on every Crown Heights resident to register and save lives.

Deadline extended to 3 pm today!
Please join this mitzvah and register HERE to become a potential blood plasma donor and save someone’s life.

Are you a recovered coronavirus patient? You can save lives! Join the community of COVID-19 survivors who are mobilizing to fight the coronavirus by attending a plasma testing drive. 

The Crown Heights community which has many residents who have contracted and recovered from the coronavirus now has enormous potential to save lives by donating plasma!

Being that this can potentially save lives, this falls under the Halachic obligation of לא תעמוד על דם רעך, to do everything one possibly can to save another’s life. As per the ruling of the Crown Heights Rabonim, it is an obligation to get tested and donate plasma (if compatible).

With the recognition by the medical community that recovered COVID-19 patient blood plasma has the potential to save lives, Crown Medical PC, The Gedaliah Society, Hatzalah of Crown Heights, Kamin Health, and Lakewood Bikur Cholim, partnered with Mayo Clinic to offer COVID-19 IGG antibody testing for the purpose of identifying candidates in our community eligible to donate plasma.

The plasma kits are provided by the Mayo Clinic, one of the world’s premier medical institutions, and their tests should not be associated with many labs that are offering tests that are questionable.

It is important to note that becoming a donor due to high antibody levels does not allow you to conclude that you are safe. Please continue to follow the guidelines and instructions being set forth by The Gedaliah Society in conjunction with Dr. Rosen.

Please join this mitzvah and register HERE to become a potential blood plasma donor and save someone’s life.


1. Donor must be 18 or older

2. For female donors: Nonpregnant female with only one or no prior pregnancy

3. Must have had symptoms of COVID-19

4. Must be symptom-free for at least 7 days

Opportunities to help in other ways! Medical (phlebotomists, nurses, paramedics) and nonmedical volunteers needed on Tuesday from 11am-7pm.  Please click here if you’re available to volunteer.

Testing will be held this Tuesday, 4 Iyar, April 28th, from 12-6pm at the Oholei Torah Ballroom – 667 Eastern Parkway. The blood drawing stations will have separate areas for men and woman. All social distancing rules will be strictly enforced. Please come with a mask and gloves.



Drive in honor of Rabbi Don Yoel Levy, OBM

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