Merkos and Shluchim Join Forces for Moshiach Campaign

We all want to live with the yearning and passion for Moshiach that The Rebbe asked of us, His Chassidim.

Now a group of shluchim and Merkos302, with your insight, are taking action to help make that a reality for everyone.

The concepts of Moshiach and Geulah are vast; intertwined into almost every aspect of Torah, and relevant to every facet of our community, family, and daily life. Spiritually, physically, and emotionally, there is no place that Moshiach doesn’t touch.

However these ideas can sometimes be vague and abstract, making it difficult to internalize and implement the message.

Imagine how it would feel to really ‘derher’ these ideas, having such clarity that these concepts resonate in your day to day life, concretely and practically.

It’s a mindset that doesn’t just help us cope with our own internal struggles and emotions, but helps us rise above them. Instead of just using the concept of Moshiach as a springboard, really living with this approach allows us to exceed where we were previously holding, and succeed in becoming the person we really want to be.

“But most importantly”, remarks Rabbi Sholom Ber Baumgarten, from the Moshiach campaign. “it empowers us to do our part in the purpose of why Hashem created this world – Dirah Bitachtonim”. 

In honor of Yud Shevat – Shivim Shana, a group of shluchim in conjunction with Merkos 302, have come together to pour resources, time, and energy into the Moshiach campaign.

From the very first maamar and sicha, the Rebbe set out and delineated the goal of this generation: to bring Moshiach. Throughout the years, the Rebbe laid out the path to reach this goal.

“The Rebbe constantly encouraged and spurred Chasidim to live with Moshiach” says Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, Vice-Chairman of Merkos. “It is something that is constantly on our minds – how to properly internalize and live this idea.” 

The epitome of our role is what the Rebbe famously said on chof ches Nissan, ‘ad mosai – mit an emes’; this is what we have to constantly strive for, and this is what will ultimately enable us to live Moshiach’dik.

A vaad is currently being formed which will formulate a plan of action, and a full time director will execute the plan, create material, and compile existing resources. We are committed to implementing and internalizing Moshiach to the utmost degree, in our minds and heart, in whatever way we can.

We are asking you, our dear readers, to partner with us in this very important endeavor. Please share your ideas, feedback, and insight into making the moshiach mindset a reality. Together, united and invested, we can make a difference.

Please email [email protected].

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