Mentoring Project Takes Off

And it’s off! Project Connect has launched!

Many children and bochurim are already taking part in this incredible project!

If you have not yet taken a part in this, here’s the quick run-down:

PROJECT CONNECT: Dedicated bochurim have agreed to give from their time to learn and talk with children around the world. The goal is for each child to have a bochur to connect to, become friends with, learn with, and stay in touch with. It is so necessary for our children today to have someone outside of their home to socialize and learn with.

This is entirely free, and will allow for all children to grow in these difficult times. Just fill out this form, and your child will be matched up with a bochur to learn with once a week. There are only a few weeks until Pesach, let us help our children use their time to the fullest. Once a week for these few weeks until schools will resume your son will have a new friend to learn and speak with. The program is geared for boys in grades 4 through 8.

If you are a bochur who has not yet signed up, please join ASAP!

As the Rebbe’s תמימים we know how much the Rebbe demands from us. How much more so in these distressing times.

WE NEED YOU!! There are many children signed up and we need more bochurim to have them matched up with.

You have no idea how much one phone call can affect a child that is out of school, how much a friendly word can change the day of a child that cannot be with his freinds.

Therefore we are calling all bochurim to join project connect. To join please fill out this form.

May we merit to finally bring the healing to all sickness with the revelation of Moshiach right now!

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