Mega Gallery: Alter Rebbe’s Yartzeit in Hadiatch

Thousands of Chassidim and Jews from all walks of life visited the Alter Rebbe‘s Ohel in Hadiatch, Ukraine, to daven on the day of his yartzeit, Chof Daled Teves.

Already before Shabbos large groups of people arrived at Kiryat Rabeinu Hagadol to spend the Shabbos preceding the yartzeit in an uplifting environment.

The main farbrengen was led by Rabbi Chaim Sholom Deitch, Rosh Kollel Tzemach Tzedek. Singer Mendy Jerufi and violinist Mordechai Brockzi led the singing of the Alter Rebbe’s niggunim.

Over the past two years, dozens of beautiful and well-maintained accommodations have been added to the campus under the year-round management of shliach to Haditch Rabbi Schneur Deitch.

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