Mayanot of Crown Heights Prepares for Rosh Hashana

With Selichos just a few short days away, Zevi’s Shul hosted a Chai Elul farbrengen on Tuesday night, featuring JLI’s Rabbi Naftali Silberberg.

Rabbi Naftali Silberberg, a noted author and lecturer, is the co-director of curriculum for the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute and co-editor-in-chief of its flagship division.

The packed crowded heard divrei hisororus from Rabbi Silberberg, who inspired attendees to maximize the remaining 12 days of Elul in anticipation of crowning the Aibeshter as King.

In particular, Rabbi Silberberg farbrengend about the possuk Min hameitzar karasi Kah, anani b’merchav Kah” – which is said before tekias shofar on Rosh Hashanah. We should all strive to escape our own individual meitzar (self-absorption) to access Hashem’s abundant kindness (merchav).

Zevi’s Shul, also known as Mayanot of Crown Heights, is located at 543 Empire Boulevard (upstairs), and is named in memory of Zevi Silver a’’h of Crown Heights.

The shul – which operates on Shabbos and Yom Tov – draws a mix of attendees from diverse backgrounds (baalei tshuvah, locals, etc..). It’s a warm and welcoming place, where everyone is encouraged to participate – whether by davening for the amud, chazering a sicha, and the like. There is a weekly kiddush farbrengen after davening on Shabbos.

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