Master Storyteller Makes Everything Available Online

In response to requests from his many fans, Master Storyteller, Rabbi Sholem Perl, created a website to host all his stories, for children of all ages. Listen and enjoy, free of charge.

While everyone is busy trying to entertain their children at home, in response to the many requests from his fans, Master StoryTeller, Rabbi Sholem Perl, had a website built where his many stories will be hosted, for children of all ages, to listen and enjoy, free of charge.

Besides posting all his famous stories such as “The Fierce Battle” and “The Story of Yud Beis Tammuz”, he has now posted some of his less known, and never published exciting stories. That’s more than 15 stories! With the help of Hashem, he plans to produce more stories that he hopes to post on the new website as well.

After much effort, Rabbi Perl finally has exactly what you need.

At your children can listen to amazing stories that can only be told by Master Storyteller Rabbi Sholem Perl.

A huge Thank you goes to Habochur Zalman Engel of Long Beach CA, the web designer, for everything he has done for this project.

To contact him please call/text 2018980616 or email [email protected]

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