Master Hilchos Pesach in 15 Minutes

Merkaz Halacha presents a schedule for daily study of the Alter Rebbe’s halachos of Pesach, completing most the halachos in time for Yom Tov.

By reporter

Merkaz Halacha, publisher of the Or Yisrael Journal and other halachic works, has created a regimen of study covering the Alter Rebbe’s hilchos Pesach.

By following the schedule with study of just 15-20 minutes a day from Rosh Chodesh Adar until Pesach, you will complete most of the halachos in time for Yom Tov.

Merkaz Halacha promotes the study of halacha, and has published works such as in Benesivos Hatefilla – the halachos for one who made a mistake in davening, and the sefer Pidyon Haben K’hilchaso.

In partnership with Yagdil Torah, the Institute also heads the Toras Chaim program, in which participants follow a daily regimen of Gemara study, take a monthly exam and receive a stipend.

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