Mashpia Marks Birthday with Rediscovered Letter

Hanhala of 770 Yeshiva marked the 50th birthday of Rabbi Kuti Feldman with a farbrengen in 770. At the farbrengen, a recently rediscovered letter of the Rebbe was read.

By: reporter

Students and friends of Rabbi Kuti Feldman gathered in the upstairs zal of 770 last night for a farbrengen marking his 50th birthday.

Rabbi Feldman is a mashpia in 770 and Oholei Torah, and shliach to North Brooklyn. Additionally, he gives many shiurim every week for married men, in 770 and other locations.

The farbrengen began with a special surprise. In 5739, the Rebbe wrote a letter to “the attendees of the annual dinner of the network of yeshivos Tomchei Tmimim Lubavitch.” The letter, delivered at the time written, went missing a few years later.

Decades later, the letter was only rediscovered a short while ago. To celebrate the rediscovery, the letter was read by Rabbi Feldman and Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi at the start of the farbrengen.

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