Mashpia Leads A Farbrengen to Remember

Watch: Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi led the first Farbrengen in the upstairs hall of 770 since it’s historic closure and reopening. You can take part in ensuring the continuation of the 770 yeshiva.

Neshamos were soaring

Joyous song and profound words once again filled the upstairs hall of 770 for the first time since its historic closure and reopening.

Rabbi Shlomo Zarchi led the farbrengen, the joyous celebration of hundreds of Chassidim returning to their home base.

Below is few clips from the Farbrengen:

770 is in action once again, and the Yeshiva is back in full swing.

They are now in the midst of their 770 Yeshiva Campaign, a fundraiser that will help ensure that the Bochurim can spend their days in davening and learning – Mitoch Harchava.

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