Madison Celebrates a “Once in a Generation” Event


The Chabad Jewish Community of Madison brought in the month of Elul by welcoming a new Sefer Torah as they danced it through the shul’s doors for the very first time.

The ceremony began at the Hotel RED of Madison with various members of the community being honored with filling in the final letters of Parshas Devarim. Once the Torah was completed by sofer Chaim Pape, the crowd accompanied it to its new home amid singing and dancing.

“I’ve got goosebumps,” said congregant James Stein about the experience of being honored with filling in a letter in the scroll. “It’s the last final commandment that all Jewish people are supposed to fulfill as part of their life. And because they’re so rare, not everyone in their life has the opportunity to do it.”

Shliach Rabbi Avremel Matusof described the celebration as a “once in a generation” type of event, as it’s not often that a new Torah is welcomed in his community. “It was amazing to be on Regent Street and just let it all loose,” Rabbi Matusof said. “The true energy and joy was really very palpable and very powerful.”

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