Ma’amorim Learned in Friend’s Memory

This past Shabbos an exciting Mivtzah was launched in Yeshivas Kayitz Tzeirei Hashluchim – Tzfas.

The Mivtzah, which is being called “Maamar for Shmuel” is in loving memory of Hatomim Shmuel Karnovsky, a”h, who attended this summer program last year. More than 90% of the Bochurim are participating voluntarily! 

It consists of a weekly Ma’amar from the Rebbe being learned and memorized each Shabbos afternoon for 5 weeks, with a thorough test each Motzei Shabbos. Though there are weekly incentives and a trip for those who participate all weeks, many boys have expressed that they are making this tremendous commitment because they feel strongly for learning in the memory of such a special Bachur.

May this bring an Aliyas Haneshamah to התמים שמואל בן יבלחט״א הרב אשר שי’ קרנובסקי.

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