Lubavitcher Shechita from the Town of Lubavitch

The Machon Ran Yeshiva in Moscow, headed by Rabbi Yitzchak Kogan ‘the Tzadik of Leningrad’, traveled to the  town of Lubavitch to grant the students ordination to become shochtim.

By reporter

The ranks of Lubavitcher shochtim grew this past week, directly from the original town of Lubavitch.

The new shochtim were ordained after months of learning in the Machon Ran Yeshiva in the Moscow suburb of Ramenskoye. The yeshiva, housed in the  Ohr Menachem Mendel Center – 770, and headed by Rabbi Yitzchak Kogan, famously known as ‘the Tzadik of Leningrad’, utilized the past few months to finish their semicha and shechita studies, even as the corona pandemic raged worldwide.

After finishing their studies, the students were tested online by Rabbonim, and their shechita skills were checked by Rabbi Kogan, the top shochet in the country.

This past Thursday, the yeshiva traveled to the town of Lubavitch to receive their certificates attesting to their knowledge and skill. While there, the bochurim utilized their time to daven by the ohels of the Rebbeim and Rebbetzins and to daven and farbreng in ‘Beis Schneerson’, the house owned by the Rebbe in the town of Lubavitch.

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