Lubavitch Yeshiva Releases Song About Emunah

A new song, written by Moishy Goldstein and performed by the students of Lubavitch Yeshiva in Crown Heights, reminds us to do our part and trust that Hashem will do His.

Many of us currently find ourselves in difficult situations, worrying about the health of a loved one, or perhaps sudden problems of Parnasa, and so on.

These are not meant to be our worries. These needs that we have, are not in our control and only take away the focus from what we are needed for which is in our control.

“What you are needed for, is to illuminate your surroundings with Torah and Tefillah. Parnasa and what you need, that Hashem needs to give you. You do what you need to, Hashem will do what He needs to.” (Hayom Yom, 5 Tammuz)

This brand new song performed by Tomchei Temimim this year reminds us to focus on what we are needed for, and allow Hashem to take care of our needs.

Lyrics: Hayom Yom, 5 Tammuz.
Tune: Moishy Goldstein
Performed by: Tomchei Temimim – Crown Heights
Soloist: Eli Brenenson
Video: 321 Motion

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