Parksville Camp Bound By County Vaccine Law

The Sullivan County Legislature unanimously approved a Public Health Order empowering the county to require full measles immunization for staff members and campers at all summer camps in the county.

‘We are taking a proactive approach, even though we’ve only had two measles cases thus far,” said District 2 Legislator Nadia Rajsz, chair of the Legislature’s Health & Family Services Committee. “This is another step of many we’ve taken to ensure our residents and visitors enjoy the summer while staying protected from this contagious disease.”

The order, effective through September 15, mandates that camp health directors verify all their campers and staffers have presented appropriate evidence of immunity to measles, or have presented proof of a valid medical exemption. Many Jewish camps, including Camp Gan Yisroel of Parksville, NY, are located in Sullivan County and therefore included in the new mandate.

Should these requirements not be met, the camp operator must not permit the camper or staffer to attend camp. If a measles case presents itself during the course of the camp’s season, the operator or health director must immediately inform Public Health Services.

In addition, both Public Health Services and New York State Department of Health have the authority to review all documentation proving immunity. Any camp found to be in violation of the above can be fined up to $2,000 per day per violation.

“In close collaboration with the State, we are taking every possible action to avoid a measles outbreak in Sullivan County in the coming months,” noted Health & Family Services Commissioner Joe Todora. “This order allows us to responsibly ensure enforcement, so as to minimize the further spread of measles.”

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