Los Angeles Kollel Grand Ordination

A grand Chag HaSmicha was celebrated in Los Angeles.

The atmosphere was charged with joy and pride. Parents, friends and community, hailing from across the States joined to honor the achievement of the newly ordained rabbonim from Kollel Tiferes Menachem in Los Angeles and to mark the culmination of a remarkable 19th year at the Smicha Yeshiva, B”H.

This year at Kollel Tiferes Menachem has been an especially fulfilling one, baruch Hashem, in all respects. The courses of learning include in-depth study of halacha with shiurim from Rosh HaKollel Rabbi Dovid Schmukler, regular shiurim in Chassidus with renown author Rabbi Tzvi Freeman, night seder in Chassidus with shiurim from Rabbi Schmukler.

Classes on unconventional topics in Torah were presented by business entrepreneur Zvi Ryzman, Winner of the Jerusalem Prize for Torah Literature, Rabbi Shimon Raichik, Rav of the Los Angeles Chabad Community gave shiurim on practical Halacha. Other lecturers and presenters include Rabbi Yanky Raichik and Mr. Bruce Bloom of the Chevra Kadisha, Rabbi Reuven Nathanson of the OU for a real-life class on today’s consumer kashrus, and a hands-on shechita and melicha class with Rabbi Zalmen Schmukler.

Rabbi Dovid Schochet, Chief Rabbi of Toronto and Rabbi Boruch Hertz, Rav of Lubavitch in Chicago farhered the bochurim.

Among the speakers to address the crowd were Rabbi Tzvi Freeman – Senior Editor at Chabad.org, Rabbi Dovid Schmukler – Rosh HaYeshiva of Kollel Tiferes Menachem, and Rabbi Dr. Michael Langberg, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer at Cedars Sinai, both proud parent and newly ordained rabbi! Rabbi Dr. Langberg gave the audience an insider’s view of what goes on at the Smicha Yeshiva, and congratulated the staff, the parents and the students for an incredible year of hard work, growth and achievement. The overall feeling was one of camaraderie and purpose, illuminated by Torah and Chassidus, achieved through intense study of Halacha and Chassidus. 

Rabbi Mendel Feldman masterfully served as master of ceremonies, Rabbi Mendel Broner and Rabbi Levi Sputz addressed the crowd, each engaging the crowd with an impressive Dvar Torah and expressing gratitude for an exceptional year. A video featuring the students from Kollel Tiferes Menachem gave the audience a glimpse into the nature of the bochurim’s regimen and achievements.

Mazal tov to the kvutza… Dr. Michael Langberg, Avraham Arnold, Avi Baitelman, Avi Baitelman, Mendel Broner, Mendel Cohen, Mendel Douek, Uri Feigelstock, Mendel Feldman, Mendel Gordon, Yanky Hecht, Noson Kremer, Joshua Langberg, Chaim Levilev, Chananya Niasoff, Mendel Pinson, Mendel Plotkin, Mendel Raichik, Efraim Schmukler, Levi Sputz, Shia Tick and Yitzchok Toron.

Participants left with an uplifting sense of warmth and inspiration. As one parent expressed, “What they get here, they don’t get anywhere else! This year has really exceeded all of our expectations. Thank you!”

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Photo Credits: Dovid Michel Freeman 

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